Friday, March 14, 2008

bad mood..dying

dis few day my mood really bad ler..dnoe y also..feel stress cos many hwork cm on one time..i realy realy miss all my fren at penang ler,miss their laugh n noisy voice,smr hahaz here n there ler.miss gurney also..haiz,suddenly i feel im nthg if i din hv his group of fren..i never feel lidis b4 but when the time pass through ,such feeling appear ....miss u guy ler..

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

tired lo..many hwork to do

nthg to write today..jus show u guy wat i hv to pass up tmr..this figure take me a lot of time to finish it,actually i not so satisfied this drawing cos i feel got little bit cacat,but i lazy to redo d,so jus pass up tmr.haizz

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

went to art galery.. saturday nite i wit my roomate went to art galary which at pasar seni to hv a look..wah,there got a lot a lot of nice drawing there .i think u guy will love it too cos the style is wat we like it,such as graffiti,cartoon n so on....i show u guy those drawing i like it,i hope i can draw like them one day..hahaha..when i knoe draw figure well,i draw u all then show u guy when we gathering...hahahazzz

Sunday, February 24, 2008

go eat bbq plaza n watch step up

Today is the most enjoyable day for me cos i hv finish my hwork which hv to pass up tmr last nite n i with my roomate n nio nio go sunway bbq plaza having our lunch..i feel quite delicious.if u guy cm in sunway cn go hv a try..the bbq is like korean style..after tat,we go watch step up 2,i feel tat the movie is not bad,but compare to step up 1,step up 1 is better.after watching this movie ,i suddenly feel wan to dancing n let me think bout last time with yo 11 dance at sch,realy realy fun n is realy sweet memory for me..miss u guy..

Friday, February 22, 2008

Add Video

this is wat the color diary i search at net..

new assignment...colour diary final project is hv to create a colourful diary which hv to content our feeling n daylife inside the diary..i hv a idea tat is to create a diary which content with my yo -11 sweet memory,cos i feel tat dis title vry suit my all beloved frenzz..i dunno y got such feeling..i will try my best to do it nicely,after tat i will show u guy ..hahaha..

Thursday, February 21, 2008

my assignment...

look,dis is my assignment which have to pass up little bit cacat rite?i feel little bit upset bout dis time ssd things is tat my i cnt online dis few day cos net problem so are vry vry boring here..haizz